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on the road a bare garden ... same garden ... Joanna and I trees on campus Jenn's and Ryan's welcoming utensils Jenn petting Dodger Ryan preparing a dough and Jenn chopping the vegetables Dodger and his bone PB120057 still working hard beautiful corner brooker ...digesting the pizza with Tolstoy aunt Jenn from Upper Amherst stylish apartment Jenn in a few years my lover ... blues concert - musician singer PB120072 read the sign : it's interesting... ...if you need a wig, come to Corner Brook PB130088 PB130089 PB130090 oldest house in Corner Brook PB130096 on the way home ... well wraped Priscille ...little house in the prairie IMAG0465 first snow in Newfoundland - what a surprise when I woke up ! snaky pole Snowman, how art thou? - Not finished yet where to ski in Newfoundland -- OMG

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